copacetic \koh-puh-SET-ik\, adjective:
Very satisfactory; fine.

I had the best birthday ever! Thanks to my family, friends, colleagues and online buddies, with their wishes and kind gestures in various form and medium.

Mr DJ dropped by to have lunch with me. Then, my colleagues took me out for dinner and drinks before I head home to my Dad's and saw that he'd bought pizzas and my BIL had fried his signature mee siam dish.

I felt so blessed that day. And happy and extremely chuffed. Thank you!

DH surprised me by not giving me anything. LMAO! As if! He's becoming quite generous nowadays. Maybe because he's happy with his work... or something :p

Anyway, he bought me the Coach wristlet I want last month. I thought that was my birthday present, but apparently not. He said, 'You wanted it for anniversary kan?'. Well, how was I to know when I get the gift 2 months later :p

I LOVE my wristlet. I never leave home without it now for casual wear, especially over the weekend. I even use it just to go down to the pasar malam (night market). Lol. If I don't have to lug all the keys in the world on weekdays, I'd use it for work too!

DH asked me what I want a couple of days before my birthday. On top of my head at that time was The Sims 2: FreeTime. Luckily, I didn't say it out loud. If not, so rugi. Lol. I told him I don't know, eventhough if you check my 'wishlist' on the side bar, I have a plenty. He then asked me to take a pick -- a bicycle to materialize one of my goals, a slimming program (coz I complained I hate my passport photo) or cash, perhaps I could use it as spending money for Bali.

The bicycle idea has merit, but the slimming program has none. I'd rather have him pay for my Sims game, thank you very much. Unless, he buys me a stationary bike? Hmmm.... that's an idea.

As for spending money for my trip, I've put aside some cash of my own and I don't think I really need more. Maybe I could use it to top up to buy any one of those things on my wishlist. Hehe.

So... bicycle (stationary or not), cash, gadgets (mobile phone, upgrade my current computer, etc.) or The Sims 2: FreeTime (lol!)?