Totally Random

I want to learn how to ride a bicycle. Really. Even though is about 30 years too late. Better late than never. I guess the first thing we need to do is purchase one to train on, yeah? :p

I want to start collecting orchids. I think they're beautiful and I love them! The only challenge is to keep them alive. Heh.

I want to take up scuba diving.



me too to the third picture. i'm even thinking of learning to swim properly. shall we??
amreeth said…
waahhhhh! we are so same same. i don't know how to ride a bicycle too!!!

i asked my Dad once why he never taught me. the look of disgust i got g-fren... he said, "i tried and tried but eventually got fed-up of you running in the opposite direction SCREAMING blue murder!" or something like that xxx sigh.