Greetings From Bali!

I've hijacked the lone laptop at the lobby to give you this update. Heehee.

Our flight was good, on time and all. The best part of flying for me is the take off and landing bits. Mira was so excited she's in a plane that she couldn't stop repeating 'wahhh... plane!' from the moment we sat until we took off. She's abit scared when it was time to take off, but it was manageable.

We reached Bali on time as well. And was greeted by the hotel's staff with garlands and mineral water. So grand weii... I feel like I'm Paris Hilton sans the big sunglasses. Lol.

The drive to the hotel was rather cool. We saw lots of cool looking shops. Our hotel is way off the main road. Took a while to get here from the airport.

We're staying at The Elysian, btw. And my villa was SUPERB! The moment we stepped inside Mira straight went to the pool! Unfortunately, DH couldn't enjoy this moment too... sad sad.

I have a meeting with the bosses in an hour's time. They wanted to meet me and a few others for drinks and perhaps to join them for dinner as well. Just me, no kids allowed. So I've shipped Mira with my other colleagues who just left to go look for something to eat.

It looks like Mira's exploring Bali while I'm stuck here at the villa y'all.



Seri Langkat said…
take lots of picts please! I plan to go to Bali but dunno where to stay.

Enjoy your stay :)
Larawannabe said…
thanks arn. i'm trying to enjoy my stay here. lol. and there's loads of photos (of the villa + some other places we go). will have it up on flickr sunday, methink.