Mission: Accomplished

For a major Harry Potter buff as myself, I'm surprised to have missed this bit of information out. Mira shares the same birth date as Remus Lupin! Hehe.


I took the day off yesterday to settle Mira's passport application. I felt like I had gone to work because it took the whole freaking day at the immigration; from start to finish. Once I reached home, I send a text message to Nong to complain about it, growled at DH for being a petulant arse (nothing actually, I was just being a bitch), lay flat on my bed, knocked out in a few minutes and just woken up because I needed to pee.

The day, as it was, started early. Like half past seven AM early. We left home just before half past eight and reached the immigration branch in Kajang at nine, I think. The last time I was there for my passport, which was 5-6 years ago (I know! :p), there was NO queue and everything was fast and smooth.

I've forgotten about the school holiday crowd. Sigh.

After I've taken the form from counter number 2, I had to queue to get a number from counter number 1. Why can't they just give us both at the same time? When I got our number, there were more or less 70 people ahead of me. We waited for hours for our number to be called. Mira was restless. She kept on asking me to go to the counter. I guess, she couldn't understand what are we waiting for. Lol.

Our number was called sometime at noon and we had to wait for another hour or so after that to pay the fees.

I didn't plan to 'waste' the whole day there, really. I thought we'd spend a maximum of 4 hours and then probably we've to come back in 2-3 days to collect the passport. I was thinking of washing out my linens today you know. But alas, the immigration department has already made plans for us :p

They've got a new system now -- you collect your passport on the same day, 2 hours after you make your payment, whether it's a new application or renewal. For renewal, things has been made simpler by that KipPas teller thingy. As long as your passport is the chip-based one and due for renewal of no less than 1 year. You can collect your passport after 2 hours as well, on the same day.

In Mira's case, we were told to come collect it after 3.30pm. What are we to do for 2 hours in Metro Plaza lah?

I suppose, we should have watch a movie or something. There was a cinema there, something I noticed after the effect. Instead, we had lunch and then we went window shopping.

By 3pm, *I* was grumpy and tired. Fifteen minutes later, because I couldn't be bothered to wait some more, we headed back to the immigration office. I've to get another number to collect the passport. Waited for another hour or so before our number was called.

We left the building at 5pm and I was home half an hour later.

I felt as if I've wasted my a-day leave today :(