If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith.

The day has cometh! I cannot even end it with 'at last' because eventhough at the beginning when I first tendered, the end date seemed like soooooooo long. But now it is here. And I need at least another day to complete my tasks (!!).

I planned to have every pending things ready by last Friday -- the day I was supposed to have left. Thinking I should have an extra week to do the BOD papers at a leisurely pace. But that is not to be (no surprise there, isn't it?).

Boss decided to start working on it last week. And since then, there were additions, deletions, things to be edited, extra this, extra that... bla bla bla... We're supposed to have it finalised on Wednesday at least, but it continued until yesterday afternoon.

Since then, I've been rushing to complete the whole dossier so I can send it out today. Ugghh... stress!

So, here we are, on my last day working here, and I still have 2 - 3 more small items to complete that I had to put off to clear the papers out of the way. They are small, but tedious to complete lah.

One of it is my handover notes. I've to include procedures and protocols in it, on top of the usuals. It is going to be a long document, I tell ya!

I've decided to do it at home (what's Zip for, eh?) and review it in the morning at the office before the replacement comes. She'll drop by after lunch today. Don't think I have a lot of time to do it in the office on top of everything else because I want to leave at 5:30 PM sharp on my last day of work ^_^

(Plus I've a date with Su tonight. We're gonna watch Iron Man 2. Woot!)

Work is never ending.

On a more fun note, I've been having fun at lunch time these past weeks. Eating yummy food and drinking my favourite sour plum juice like there is no tomorrow (or like I won't be able to find it at the new work place. Lol!).

Yesterday I ventured out to EPF's cafeteria and had this for lunch...

Sweet & sour black pomfret (comel je nama ikan bawal in English) with vegs & half portion of rice = RM3.50 sajork. Sour plum drink = RM1. The cheapest lunch yet; a record!

Sigh. I will miss this place.