Movie Night: Clash of The Titans

It's been a while since IggySingh and I last go for a movies together. On the occassion when we meet, we only had enough time for shopping and dinner. Besides, there weren't many movies that tickled our fancies then.

Last night we went to watch Clash of the Titans. The 'normal' version, not 3D. I hate that damned goggles you've to wear.

I was sceptical about the movie at first, thinking it'll bore me to sleep. I don't usually like heavy dramas, prefer comedy (especially romantic) or light dramas at least. But I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed this movie very much.

The story was a remake of the 1981 version of the same. No wonder it felt like as if I may have watched this movie before. This new version is a bit different compared to the older one. I think the other differences in this version was how Perseus came to his father, the ending and there wasn't a scene where the gods were playing chess.

I remembered the chess-playing bit very well. I wanted to have those tiny dolls to play with and ruled over, too. Lol.

OH! Maybe that's why I love The Sims so much ;)

Ok, digressing.

The film was loosely based on a Greek mythology character named Perseus. He's a demigod -- part god, part human. He's the son of Zeus.

(Hmmm... is Percy Jackson Zeus son too? Wait, wait, lemme Google.
well, he is a demigod, is named after and similar to Perseus, but Poseidon's son. Not Zeus.)

He was thrown away in a coffin with his mother (whom Zeus impregnated -- that sly old man!) and was rescued by a fisherman and his wife. They adopted and raised him.

Years later, the people of Argos raged war against the gods and in a confrontation witnessed by Perseus and his family, managed to get Perseus family killed. They were just in their ship, at the wrong place, wrong time.

And then Hades came to punished the people of Argos by telling them that they will have to sacrifies their princess Andromeda when he unleashed the Kraken in 10 days. Perseus then went on a mission to find a way to kill the Kraken.

So that's where Medusa came into the picture lah. You can read the whole story about it here. I think the version of Medusa's backstory they used in this movie to tell how she was cursed was very tragic.

The Zeus character was played by Liam Neeson, whilst Hades was played by Lord Voldermort Ralph Fiennes.

Seriously, when Hades first made his appearance and spoke in this movie, my first thought was 'why does he sounds like Voldermort?'. Lol. And I find it ironic -- Liam Neeson was Aslan in Narnia, here he's Zeus. And then we have Fiennes as the baddy (although in the myth, Hades wasn't banished, he opted to rule the underworld -- I think he thinks it's more cool to be there ;)).

All in all, we were entertained and thought the movie was great. It told a story and I liked the story very much.