If ballet were easy, they'd call it football.

Macam rajin pulak update blog. Hee hee ;)

Mira's grading exam is near. Usually, the school will allow the parents to see what's going on behind the curtained door a week or so beforehand. As per the saying of one mother I spoke to, 'to show you what your girl has learnt... and what you paid for all these while lah'.

Last Sunday, they opened the door for Mira's class, so I managed to see her perform.

They were four dancers in a group, each with a colour code for the examiner's easy reference. They've to perform the various techniques as a group and then each will have to perform a free dance called 'The Kite Dance'.

For that day, to save time they made the girls perform in pairs.

One more weekend double class, and then the exam on Wednesday. I am excited and nervous for her. Wonder if she'll be ok.

I recorded said dance, here's the video. Enjoice! :)



all the best mira!
Larawannabe said…
thank you aunty :)