I'm about to projectile express myself all over your Hush Puppies.

See, I am of two minds right now -- either to finish this entry or do something else. This 'something else' has been a distraction ;) Purely entertainment.

I've been keeping myself up todate with Glee episodes. I suppose now it is official that I am a Gleek. I've watched the pilot, right up to episode # 14! All in the span of five days. Serious saiko sampai I had to upgrade my internet plan to get better speed (plus I managed to max my fair-usage-quota thingy haha).

After this I am going to go watch episode # 15 -- can't wait!

I don't know what's so intriguing about the show, honestly. It's just fun to watch. Not just for the songs but the characters, too.

For instance, Sue Sylvester the cheerleading coach -- OMG, she's derange!! In pink! Lol. Trying everything just to bring Mr Shue and the Glee club down with a vengeance. She reminded me of another character in another TV shows, but I can't recall the name. But it has the same motive -- to get the guy fired at all cost.

(Perhaps the show in question could be some malay or indon drama I've followed before.)

And then there's Terri Schuester, Mr Shue's crazy wife (or soon-to-be ex). Gosh, how I despise her!

My favourites are Puck and Brittany. Puck because he's a bad boy; don't we all love us some bad boys. He can be a jerk at times, but he's hot. Lol. I like Brittany for her comedy like 'I find recipes... confusing', or when asked what is a ballad she answered 'It's a male duck'. She's your typical dumb blonde ^_^

Oh, I like Emma Pillsbury, too. She's the guidance counselor. She's sweet and insightful, who is a phobic and a bit OCD.

I am team Emma-Will, woot!

I don't seem to have any interest for Rachel, Finn and Quinn. I find them... meh. I mean, Rachel's obviously talented but she's just so... overbearing and annoying :p Finn's your typical jock-wannabe. He's popular and sweet. Goodness, isn't he tall? Quinn, most often than not macam kayu jek lakonan dia.

So yeah. That's what I've been keeping myself busy with.

I hope internet will be kind to me so I can watch the latest episode in an hour's time. Hehe.

Don't stop believing!



nong@kween said…
hahaha now u dah terjebaks!!!!!!!!! Love Emma as well, she's so sweet!!

skang mak nak carik Glee Vol 2 plaks.. huhuuuuu
Larawannabe said…
Emma tu is like the most likeable character kan. I like her diction too ;)

Have you seen the Madonna episode? Best and fun sangat uols.