Stripping Zip - The Unboxing Version

The short story to a long one is -- I've procured a new gadget that I've been itching to get, thanks to my Dad's credit card 0% interest free installment plan. Muahaha! I still have to pay for it though, not free neither it is subsidised ;p

I've named it Zip... because it's tiny, see. So whenever I mentioned 'Zip' from this day forward, you know what I'm talking about yar.

I told Wawa I'll make an unboxing video but as there is too much work involved (heh), lets just do it with still photos instead ;) Same purpose, different MO.

Here goes...


Note: Cat not included ;p

There it is!

Guide, system CDs and battery charger.

Glad I chose white.

On the left side we see...

And a SD/MMC card slot.

The AC power slot at the back.

To chain it up when you get kinky ;)

What you'll see on the righthand side of Zip.

That's how wide that black colour thing is. Not as bad as I thought.

The 6 cells battery nicely enclosed inside the unit, makes it flat.

The keyboard and trackpad.

Trackpad close up. I've no problem using it so far.


Disco lights Indicator lights.

Atom N450 (1.66 GHz, 512K L2 Cache). Windows 7 Starter OS (think I wanna upgrade it to Home Premium later).

The battery. Inside it, there's a slot for SIM Card. But I'm told the module's not included in this unit.

And the fun begins!

It's time to install loads of stuff. Haha!



nong@kween said…

Am sure masa unpacking tu, Mort harus curious.....
Larawannabe said…
Lol. Bukan Mort saja. Sophie and Seven, too. I think it was Seven (very hard to differentiate theyols nowadays) yang sempat masuk kotak sempoi duduk dalam tu.