I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.

Last night I tweeted...

Am I bold enough to dismantle Zip so I can upgrade his RAM? Ememememme

Coz I was reading through myDellMini forum and there was a few discussions about RAM upgrade, which led me to watch a How-To video. The procedure looked easy, but still... what if I accidently break the bloody new netbook??

First instalment pun tak bayar lagik uols.

I thought I'll keep mulling over this for a few months, see if there really is a need. Zip's running fine at the moment, but it is always nice to have bigger RAM, no?

But that's not to be seeing how my cat has made the decision for me.

I kept Zip running for the night to download something ;)

This morning I saw that it has been switched off -- more like, it has been put to sleep. I've forgotten to reset the power-saver-thingy so after an hour it'll automatically hibernate. FML.

Frustrated, I left it as it was; went into the shower to get ready for work. When I came out I planned to pack and store it away but before I could do anything, Seven (formerly known as Wiggy -- that is the cat I'm talking about here, lol) curiously stepped on to the keyboard.

I squeeked (yes, I did) and quickly snatched him up, whilst he extended his claws. You can guess what happens next... one of his claws got stuck to one of the keys (the one with comma) and managed to pull it out cleanly. FML max!

Don't you always wish you can just turn back time for a few minutes to stop a freak thing like this from happening? Argh!

I tried to stick it back to no avail. I think something is broken.

Googled for info on how to fix it. There's nothing except to replace the whole keyboard. I called Dell, and they said the same. Sighhhhhh.

In the end it looks like I should just get a RAM upgrade as well. Why? Because now that I have to replace the keyboard, I will have to dismantle the unit anyway. The RAM slot will then be accessible to me now, like so...

Note: The green circle is the door to RAM slot. Those red ones are for HDD.
Photo borrowed from: jRin.net

So, might as well :-/

Should I pay Dell technicians to do it for me? I'm told the labour cost would be between RM150-170. I can get someone else to do it, for a fee but probably cheaper than Dell. Still... it'll be just a few ringgit less.

Or, I should be brave and do it myself. I probably would ^_^

We'll see. I've to get a quote from Dell first on the keyboard price, RAM stick and labour cost before I decide.

Baru 8 days old uols. Uhuks.



Anonymous said…
Ok why do you need a RAM upgrade?? *pertanyaan dr org buta IT yg tak tau apa2 psl RAM*

Harap2 my V tak perlu update..

Iks!! Notty cat... LOL. kalau I, harus kena bebel budak2 tu seminggu..
Larawannabe said…
Mak punya Zip RAM dia 1GB je uols. Your V dah ada 2GB, so don't have to worry about it.

Tu pasal ingat nak upgrade so dia tak selow sangat bila I ter-over multitask kan dia. Hehe.