Wonder Pets

That day we went guinea pig shopping, DH kept on singing this song on the way to Pets Wonderland...
Wonder pets, Wonder pets
Kami datang!
And ever since then, the song kept playing in my head. Eventually, I'll be humming the song out loud, too, while doing the laundry or washing the dishes. Mira's not exempted as well. She also makes it a point to watch the show on telly. She thinks the guinea pig in that show, named Linny, is Booboo's friend (whom she's calling Manja for some reason now. Maybe because the colouring of both are the same.).

The funniest thing happened two days ago. We're all at the living area watching tv in the afternoon. Mira fell asleep after a while, taking a nap. She was in deep sleep when out of the blue, she sang 'Telepon... telepon berbunyi'.

DH and I couldn't help but laughed. I told him, 'It's all your fault!'.

Have you watched this show before? The version we saw on tv has been dubbed to Malay. I haven't seen the English version so far, though.



Anonymous said…
hehehe OMG!! myra pun selalu nyanyi lagu tu.. i was quite pissed initially that they actually dubbed the show.. hehe i told myself, mcm mana la dem kids nak belanjar english.. but actually the malay version mcm agak funny!!

apa yang penting, kerjasama!! hehehe muahs!