Have You Met Booboo?

We saw Bedtime Stories. I fell in love with Bugsy. Reminded me of Abu and Bubut (previous pet Guinea pigs), actually.

We missed having a pet. We missed Manja (the cat) badly. I missed her a lot. Still.

Thought this is a good time to get a new pet. Guinea pig is small, but they're cuddly and friendly, too. So, last Sunday, we went to Pets Wonderland in Megamall. But no Guinea pig in store that day.

Went to Giant at Connaught, I remembered there's a pet shop there. There wasn't many choices, though, just Booboo. DH wasn't sure about it. But I don't have the heart to leave him there.

We brought him home. DH cleaned up the old GP housing we have for Booboo. Mira's excited -- this is her first pet. But she's still not confident in handling Booboo. Me and him, I think we've bonded quite well now :)

He's such a sweety, isn't he?



kakakdegil said…
how much eh?
aritu terpikir juga nak bela gp
(hihi.. after tgk bugsy juga!)
Larawannabe said…
i got him for RM70 sebab dia Abyssinian. the 'normal' short-haired ones (macam Abu I dulu tu) would be cheaper.
i've not kept in touch...what happened to Manja????
Larawannabe said…
Owh. Manja passed away a few days after Raya Haji haritu.