What About Him??

If someone ask one more time, 'Guys, what about Lee?', I'm going to explode! Never thought having a (yes, just ONE) vegetarian in our group would be so hard. So so hard.

The thing is, Lee is not to be blamed entirely. His other 'friends' were the ones who always ask this question, not him. Not helping is the fact that he hardly tries to blend in.

He won't order anything if we're to eat at other places, neither will he order anything remotely 'vegan' -- like salad, for instance. He just won't eat anything, if we don't go to Food Junction. I suppose some take it to mean that he's offended? But why should he?

Not helping is also the fact that there's no other vegetarian outlet in Megamall, except the one in Food Junction.

When we attended a party last month, the host catered in a lot of vegetarian food. There were so much of leftovers that we have to bring some back. But when 99% of your guests are not vegan...

Now, we're all planning to attend another friend's potluck party. Naturally, we're all discussing on who'll bring what -- just so we don't all bring the same food, right. The keyword here is POTLUCK, people.

Imagine my irritation when I saw someone add 'Guys, what about Lee?' (which lead to the creation of this entry). For fuck sake, what about him?? He can't bring his own thing for us to share? Two people have said they'll bring salad, didn't they?

But anyway, Lee won't be able to join that day.

I am, so far, able to hold my tongue. I'm not sure how long it'll last, though :p Perhaps it'll be better for me to start going out for lunch by myself.

For world peace and all that.