The Book With Many Faces

Over this weekend, I've been doing nothing but...

Playing Scrabulous. I've 4 boards lined up at the moment. I started playing with just the girls -- M and Hermione. But now I've even taken upon myself to play with random strangers.

Picking fights at Figher's Club over Street Credit, Money and Street Rep. It's an evil game, I can tell you that. Last night, I decided to joined in a fight supporting The Gallivanter (whom was oblivious to it all, I might add) and because I've a higher Street Credit, we were in the lead.

But then his opponent decided to call for more support. I started to 'hit' them. I am not sure if they were aware that we can do that to get each other's Street Creds down. My Street Creds was left untouched.

Eventually, the last person that came in has more credits compared to both of us collectively. A decision has to be made. I for one, do not want my Street Creds to suffer.

So what I did? I nearly zero-ed out all of them and retracted my support at the last hour. Muahahahaha! I know I played dirty but mate? It felt good!

So, is it any wonder that this nifty meter here has increased from a mere 20%+ to 31% now?? Lol!

Facebook is teh evil.