term that defines the feelings of confusion and excitement people have between Thanksgiving and Christmas; the blur one feels after/during shopping for gifts in crowded retail stores with heavy holiday traffic ~ UrbanDictionary.com
I am stuck in a holidaze, but not because of Thanksgiving or Christmas. More because of being in the whirlwind of trying to get things done and anticipate what will happen in the future before The Hotness leaves.

The bosses have left for their three weeks of holidays. THREE bloody weeks! I nearly died of a heart attack when I realized they will only be back in the office a week after new year. You know how math is not my strong point :p The first time I got to know of their itinerary, I just assumed they'll come back right after new year.

But all is well... I hope. We're off for the next few days. When I come back after Christmas, I need to list down properly things that needs my utmost attention and cleared before he comes back.

Taking a long holiday is hard work. Suddenly there are just too many things to clear before your departure date. Like as if tomorrow never comes :p

No wonder death comes as a surprise. If we're told of the exact date, I'd imagine the Grim Reaper would have a tough time just WAITING for us to finish our work and chores.

On a slightly more happier news, I've registered a LiveJournal account. I don't really need another blog / journal. I just registered because I want to be able to read a story that the writer only allow access to if you're a LJ friend.

I was told about it via this forum I'm active in, but before I managed to get a glimpse of it, she took all her stories out from there. Later on, she told us that it was because she received unpleasant and rude comments and emails from trolls.

You know how some people always like to say 'ni lah dia kalau melayu, PHD tak sudah-sudah'? Well news flash people, PHD comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Mat salleh dan lain-lain pun ada penyakit ni okeh. Not all of them are pure and white and above all that shitz.

So yeah, back to LJ.

I don't know what to do with it. There is a community there that I may have interest in joining. The goss blog (?) Oh No They Didn't community is there too. And speaking of which, have you heard the news about Britney Spear's sister, Jamie-Lynn?

She got herself pregnant! By her boyfriend. And they're like 16 and 19 respectively. From what I read, they didn't expect it to happen. Eh? Please tell me you think his condom broke or the Pill you took didn't work or something, because other than that, that excuse is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Didn't expect it to happen my arse. You know all about having sex but don't go 'not expecting it to happen' on me when you did not take any precaution. Yes, I have issues with that lame excuse because listen, we're supposed to be more smarter than our parents and in this case, a learned society are we not? We know all about cause and effect.

And yet...

Ok, I've rant enough. It's time for bed :D



nong@kween said…
Oh my god. when i heard it over the E! News I was like, WTH? 16??? is she trying to take the limelight away from her big sis or what???

Oh well...