Reunited And It Feels So Good

I am very excited to find out how the first Spice Girls Reunion concert that was held in Vancouver last Sunday went. From the looks of it, it was fantabulous and fun! Or what Victoria Beckham would aptly say, 'Major'. Lol!

Their costumes were cute although I'm not getting the shiny materials Victoria wore. She's in these corset-and-leggings ensemble, which makes her look like C-3PO some one say *snicker*. Ginger Spice in her Union Jack dress brings back fond memories of yesteryear. Muahahaha!

But how did Emma shed all her pregnancy weight in such a short time? She just had a baby recently, didn't she. Gah! I'm envious!

[Photos taken from the Spice Girls official site]

Anyway, bits and pieces of the concert can be found all over You Tube. Don't you just love them -- You Tube and the kind-hearted fans who uploaded their videos to share the moment with us who aren't able to go.

Sigh. I *heart* the internet!

The above video comes in two parts. To watch the second part, click here.

Or else, you can search other clips from the concert on You Tube here.

I don't understand though, why some people kept on saying that Victoria can't sing. She CAN sing, y'all. It could be because of her deep-low vocal range (I don't know the correct term, but you know what I mean :p), she's often given to sing the bridge part of a song and mostly to compliment either of the Mels. If we want to make a vocal comparison on who can't sing, imho Geri Halliwell would be the weakest of them all, really.

Anyhoo, enjoy the videos! Right now, I am so wishing I could catch their shows live...