Last year on my old blog, on December 26th at approximately 9:21am, I wrote:
Five more days to the new year. My resolution this year, in as much as I don't really follow and believe in them, would be:
  • to read not less than 24 books next year
  • to listen and collect not less than 6 albums next year
  • to be a vain pot coz being a vain pot is good for the soul
  • meaning that I've to figure out a new hairstyle for meself
  • and to wear coloured contacts again, but I cant figure out what colour to get yet
  • to exercise 3 times a week (!!) because lacking in stamina freaks me out more than becoming an obese :p
  • to eat more healthy food
  • to drink a lot of plain water
I'm not sure what '24 books' was supposed to mean now -- to read or buy & read that many books? If it's just to read, then I've accomplished more than my goal. Remember those Harry Potter books I read repeatly for countless of times?? That's six books times at least three read, y'all.

If it's supposed to mean how many books I actually bought and read, then I fell really short because I don't think I managed to purchase that many books this year. I borrowed a lot though, especially from Mr DJ.

As for point number 2, I've collected more than the prescribed six. I'm going to make an entry out of that and also to choose Larawannabe's album of the year ;-)

For point 3, 4 and 5 -- I've invested in your usual basic make up and have never failed to use them even to go out to the 7-11 near where I live, I've decided to keep my long curly hair but I still need to get that trimmed a bit and I've enjoyed myself playing with coloured contacts this year.

I've decided on the colour green from this moment onwards. It's subtle enough for my skin tone. Blue is a little bit jarring; while brown, honey and hazel actually looked fake on me, go figure. The colour turquoise looks good too, but it's the least colour they stock with my prescribe eye power.

Point 6 is where I'm still struggling. For the first half of the year, I managed to go to the gym once. Yes, ONCE. Lol! Then I slowly try to pick up the pace. I gave myself a weekly goal, which was to exercise three times a week. Once I got that going, I upped my regime to exercise on a daily basis. All was good and well until Ramadan came along.

I'm not putting a blame on the holy month, you understand. It's just that my routine changed since that month, as I started to cook dinner for us. And I have been cooking at home since then, which gives another check to point 7 -- eating healthily. I remember reading some where that says if you want to adopt a new habit, repeat it for 40 days and it will become one. It's true. I can not not cook our meal at home now. I'll feel as if I'm forgotten to do something.

I've even started to pack my work lunch with our leftover dinner. The only time I had junk food these days are those movie nights I have with Sue. Good thing too because now I save my lunch money towards my Tabung-O-Meter projects ;-)

Back to exercising, I haven't done any because I haven't enough time. I don't know when would be a suitable time to do it, really. I used to do it as soon as I reach home, but that time is now occupied by preparing dinner. So, yeah...

As for drinking more water, I've started to pick up the habit again a few weeks back. After the fasting month, everything needs to be readjusted. Lol.

Overall, I think I've managed to give a check to most of it. At least, this year's resolution is workable enough and I should just follow up on those that fell short.



doubleaye said…
'to read no less than 24 books' means READ NO LESS THAN 24 books and re-reading of the same books does not count! :P nyeh nyeh nyeh
nong@kween said…
Dang! I need to check my last year's too. (Do I have one anyways?) I forget already. Muahaha!!
Larawannabe said…
doubleaye: owh! can i not 'cheat'? i felt like as if i've read SO many books this year. haha.

nong: i think you did make a resolution last year. cuba check blog balik ;)