What's Your Dæmon?

In Lyra's world (of the Golden Compass, that is), a dæmon is an animal-form manifestation of one's soul. It lives on the outside of their body. The bond between dæmon and human is intimate. A child's dæmon has no fixed form, but as a person ages, their dæmons settle into a form reflective of the person's personality and nature.

For example, a human with a dog dæmon may tend to follow authority, whereas a person with a cat dæmon may be very independent. A person's dæmon is usually of the opposite sex to its human partner.

All very interesting, isn't it? After the movie, Sue and I discussed what our dæmon would be. I chose a cat while Sue chose an iguana. Our favourite pets, no surprises there.

I checked out the Golden Compass website and found a page about dæmons. You can even take a quiz to determine your dæmon and of course, I quickly jump in. After answering the 20 questions, the clever little thing chose a cat as my dæmon.

His name is Diodium.

However now YOU my friends, have to decide if it really matches my personality. We have more or less 12 days before it settles into it's final form. It may take a while to load though, so please be patient.

Or you can directly follow this link *bummer!*

So what say you?