Weekend Snapshot #1

I bought a larger memory card for my camera last week, so what better way to use it by taking more frivolous photos and sharing it with the world.

While scouring the interweb for something fun to do, I came across Weekend Snapshot meme. I thought I'd join in starting from now. All you have to do is choose your own nice and clean weekend snapshot you’ve got within the week or past weeks and post it on Monday in your blog. And then you post your permalinks URL at the comment section for the week.

And here is my first weekend snapshot. May we have many more to come ;)

Enjoying my favourite cup of joe with two books over the weekend.

How was yours?



Sandy Carlson said…
Looks like a delicious way to spend a weekend. Great photo!
eastcoastlife said…
Welcome to Weekend Snapshot! I wish I have the luxury to spend my weekends reading books. That would be one of my New Year wishes.

Happy New Year!
napaboaniya said…
Have fun taking more photos on ur newly purchased MC. Happy 2008!!
It's not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle
Lynn said…
Welcome to WS! Haha, I had a memory upgrade too recently for my camera. Gotta take any picture I fancy coz it's so much fun!

You read fast, two books over a weekend. :) Happy new year!
dangkin said…
welcome to WS! :-)

have a HAPPY 2008!
NoorIntan said…
I wish I had such a relaxing weekend..

Happy New Year 2008!

My Weekend Snapshot
arlene said…
what a relaxing weekend you had! good for you! hope to have one soon too! happy new year!
Carver said…
I love coffee and reading too. Good idea for a weekend snapshot. Wishing you a happy new year ahead.
janet said…
wow. i wish i had the luxury of reading books on a weekend.

welcome to WS! i'm sure you'll enjoy sharing your weekend shots here.
jennyr said…
welcome to Weekend Snapshots! nice to have a bigger capacity sim card so take more photos now!Hehehe! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My WS is at Hobbies and Such
Natalie said…
What a great way to spend a weekend!

My Weekend Snapshot photo is up too! :)
Larawannabe said…
Thanks for visiting and the warm welcome :)

The two books are easy read because they're romance novels. Teehee.

Happy new year!