It is still drizzling. It has been raining since morning. If I'm not careful, I'll catch a cold. I'm very prone on getting one in this wet weather. As it is, I'm feeling dizzy, lethargic, my nose feels stuffy and my throat is itchy.

I hate getting sick.

Don't you just love Monday? The time flies -- whoosh! whoosh! and before you know it, it's already noon. A few hours later, it's time to go home from work. The rest of the day in the week drags on, especially Tuesday.

Why is that?

There were times when I just couldn't wait for Monday to come so I can go to work. And this past weekend was one of them. We just couldn't go out and was stuck at home for two bloody days!

DH and I -- we're getting on each other's nerves. Lol. Man, the guy can whine and whinge! I kept on asking him if he's on PMS :-p

An elderly man who lives down the road passed away Friday night. For some obscure reason, his family had decided to construct a tent from their front porch and extended all the way to the main road in front of their gate. It blocks traffic coming and going to our place.

I could say that my apartment block is situated on a cul-de-sac. Hence, with the tent built that way, none of us can get our car out (or in for that matter) on Saturday and up until Sunday afternoon.

I wish they were considerate enough to at least let our building manager knows, so he can put up a notice for us and we could arrange for our cars to be parked outside for the weekend if one has plan to go out. We respect their need to hold a funeral, but it works both ways too, doesn't it?

Since the lot of us moved it, we faced a lot of problems with a few folks from the row of houses in front of our building that shares the same access road with us. They believe we're not supposed to be there. They believe that our area was supposed to be some sort of a forest reserved (you wish!).

A lawyer couple who lived a few floors above me, who have since moved by the way, gave them proof that the construction of our building has been gazetted all along. Like they care lah kan. They were adamant that we're disrupting their peace and have asked us to build another entrance to get into our place.

They gave us hell and was not being very neighbourly. They purposely parked their car to obstruct traffic into our place. At the peak of our dispute with a few of the neighbours, especially those who lives closer to our main entrance, it turned rather ugly.

One of the front neighbour got into a heated argument with the lawyer couple. That neighbour had parked his car so close to our main gate, the lawyer couple couldn't quite drive their car in. The husband asked the guy to move his car elsewhere, but he refused.

Argument ensued and for some reason, that guy slapped the lawyer's wife for supposedly being rude and condescending to him. The nerve! And I think the husband and neighbour got into a fight. Security had to call the police and all.

After that I don't know what happened, but the lawyer couple moved after a while. And now, years later, I see that the house at the end of this road has put it up for sale.

Who wants neighbours like that, eh?