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I was out for most part of the day today. It felt like as if I'm going to work, but in a 'for having fun' way. As it is, I woke up early to get ready and headed out to Pavilion sometime after 9am. Met up with Nong and Nora at 10am, where some of the shops aren't even open yet. Lol.

We then went into a few selected boutiques to feast our eyes on beautiful and sparkly stuffs, trying it on and fondling it to our hearts desire. And then, we set it aside and added it onto our wishlist. Hehe. Nong however, was in a quest to find a pair of sunnies to match her handbags collect. So, we had a bit of a fun trying on that as well.

We got a call from Merry at noon asking for our whereabouts as she was already heading to Shangri-La. We have a reservation at Lemon Gardens Cafe (LG) for lunch. We quickly abandon Tangs (we only managed to walk over one floor, imagine that) and make our way there by picking up a cab. We met her and Hn at the entrance -- good timing, eh? :-)

I've been to LG on a few occasions now and at different times, and I find that they're always busy, even on a Sunday. Or perhaps busier because they put up bits of entertainment for the kids outdoor; with clowns, artsy stuff, balloons and bouncing castles.

After our hearty lunch, Nong and Nora some how managed to coerced Merry to come with us to Starhill. Lol. I don't know how that happened because I was not at the table during that time. I think I was busy picking out desserts ;-)

More window shopping ensued, where Nong found her precious and I fell in love with a Mulberry bag.

When I gushes over my love for LV and Dior to Mr DJ earlier this year, he just gave me a look of indifference and have asked me to go look at Mulberry instead. I said, 'Burberry? What's so special about them?', much to his disgust as I told him later I've never heard of Mulberry, like ever. Lol.

He loves their leather man-bags and according to him, that's the bag worth dying for. But he said they only have one boutique here in KL, which was in Starhill. Aha, no wonder I don't have any inkling about them.

I didn't see their boutique when we were there earlier this year (sometime in July, I think) but this time, we saw their boutique and we all went in. Nora was a fan of theirs, too. That was when I saw this...

Le sigh... Mulberry's Bayswater.

I think I may need to buy a lottery ticket now. Lol!



nong@kween said…
It was Super Fun alright, outing with you gals are the highlights of my shopping excursion..

Oh, that Mulberry bayswater is an art by itself. Full leather inside out.. So, are we trading LV to Mulberry now?? ;)

And I love my Sunnies!!! Thank God I went against my nafsu with the Ferragamo and the Gucci.. And find the right one (and at the right price too..)

All in all, I LOVE our outing!!
Larawannabe said…
ur sunnies tu is a steal! good thing we went to starhill anyway kan? ;)

trading lv for mulberry? i want it all, can or not? lol!