Poetic Observation

I've been away for the past few days. Other than falling ill with the usual bouts of fever and cold, I was also lost in my own world that is inside my head. I wish I hadn't had to come out of it, but real life?... has to go on.

The one thing that I hate most when I'm in this disposition is the lost of time. The battle that is with ME and TIME, will it ever end? Ah well...

Have you ever noticed how in fiction the protagonists are able to describe someone's features, especially his/her love interest, in acute details? Especially in romance novels like the excerpt below:
Smiling down at her was the largest and unquestionably the most handsome male she had ever seen, ever imagined. His eyes were the silver-grey of satin and steel, his shoulders very wide, his baritone voice rich and compelling. In contrast to his tanned face, his teeth were startlingly white, and although rugged masculine strength was carved into the tough line of his jaw and chin, his touch was gentle, and there were tiny lines at the corners of his eyes to testify to his sense of humor.

Something Wonderful, Chapter 4, Page 35
Silver-grey of satin and steel eyes? Rich and compelling baritone voice? Rugged masculine strength jaw and chin? Gentle touch? Fine lines that testify his humour?

I supposed it is for the benefits of its reader's, so that you can picture it in your own mind. It also sometimes gives you a romantic feel to it, no? -- at how observant she is towards her love interest. And then you sigh, you swoon and you wish your own love story go the same way.

But could you recall from memory and describe your own spouse or partner's feature in such detail? Even if the person is in front of you, do you notice his minute quirks or the colour of his eyes? The sounds of his voice and laughter? His features when he's angry or relief or troubled? Every scar, every mole on his person?

The ones only you know because he is the closest and most intimate person in your life?

I tried. And I can't.

I don't know the extend of DH's eye colour other than they're 'brown'. I cannot recall or tell you if there are specks of hazel in it or if it twinkles when he's happy. Or do they turn dark when he's angry. It escapes me how his laughter sound.

Or can you feel his presence when he's near you? Can you feel his stare?

I failed on that one too, although I must admit DH is good at sensing my presence sometime.

I am disconcerted to know that I cannot see anything deeper than what's on the surface. And I boast of how I've known him for 18 years and been married to him for the past 11. When in truth, I don't know him that well, do I?

However, from now on I shall try to be more observant to the people I care about. It'll be good practice for me too, when the need to describe facial features in my writing arises. Not just to fulfill my romantic notion, you understand :p