Broody Heroes, My Love

I love broody super heroes. Harry Potter is broody and misunderstood (as well as blur, but that's a different story). Batman is another of them broody ones.

Actually come to think of it, they have the same background, don't they? Both are orphans, parents killed by their nemesis and both are millionaires (although it was never explicitly mentioned, many assumed Harry's rich).

Batman: Dark Knight trailer that was supposedly revealed at the beginning of I Am Legend movie.

Check out the Joker, man. He looks terrifyingly creepy! Insane creepy. All good. I hope the whole movie is as good, if not better, as the snippets we're being shown now.

Back to super heroes. I like them in red and blue, too. Superman, Spiderman, Optimus Prime (he is also a super hero, no?).

I watched Superman Returns movie recently, like really sit down and watch the whole thing in its entirety. I found something amusing about the whole Superman-impregnated-Lois Lane business. And all these musings are based upon my limited knowledge about Superman i.e. comics not included in this presumption. I only watch his movies mostly and TV serials.

The only comic I have was the one when Superman marry Lois. It's called Superman: The Wedding Album and I bought the one with the white cover.

But I digress.

It all started when the both of them were acting all bashful at the balcony of Daily Planet in the movie. If they've slept together before, why all the shyness? If Lois acted all cold, hurt and wary because he left her, is fine and understood. But why were they being shy and uncomfortable with one another. And Superman acted as if there's nothing deeper between them. Which was all weird to me.

And then, the costume thing. You have to remember that Lois slept with Superman, not Clark Kent. Superman wears his briefs on the outside. My imagination may be running a little wild here, but how do they do it? The undressing part while both of them were getting frisky to get into each other's pants?

Unlike Spiderman, whose costume was human-made or tailored and has a zip somewhere (correct me if I'm wrong); Superman's costume is 'alien', no? It's like a one-piece suit or his second skin. So how did he undress himself? Did he just vanish it off with a flick of his wand (oh hey, that's Harry Potter) by a snap of his fingers?


Or the briefs held the key to all my questions above? Lol. Just pull it down, and everything else doesn't matter.

And he's like faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... yeah, imagine his thrust, people. Woot woot!

Ok, I'm shutting up now.



u damn farny la!!! laughed my head off when reading that! I totally agree with you on all fronts! looking forward to Batman...think christian bale does a good batman, except i never understood the voice thing that he does?! how was I am weren't kind..
Larawannabe said…
i haven't seen i am legend. my movie buddy kan not around. but rotten tomatoes reviews it well tho.

however, the movie i am excited to see most is sweeny todd!! hehe.