Piss On Me

Something silly that happened over the weekend as well, while I was watching Grey's Anatomy...

DH just came back from the convenience store with Mira in tow.

DH, sings to me: You want a piece of me?
Me: *stares at him*
DH: Have you heard that song before?
Me: Yeah.
DH: You know who's the singer?
Me: Of course. Britney Spears. Why?
DH: At first I thought she sang something weird, like 'you want to piss on me'. It's shocking!
Me: *stares incredulously at his back while he walks away towards the kitchen*
My husband is... funny and strange in so many level.

He knew of my infatuation over my imaginary boyfriend. He likes to poke fun at me for it, whatever chance he got.

A few months back, we were watching High School The Musical 2 together with Mira. Out of the blue he said, 'You should forget about your Harry Potter. I think Zac Efron is more handsome. Do you know he's beaten your boyfriend over some list? He's at the top now, number one. Habis la your boyfriend.'

And he adds, 'He got really pretty blue eyes kan?'

Can he be any more... gay?? Should I be... worried? ;p



nong@kween said…
Hahahhaa.. funny la yr Dh...
Anonymous said…
hahahah adoila yr DH ni... lawaks ok..