Happy Happy Joy!

My day started slow and draggy, but it progressed rapidly in to a frantic chase after lunch. So many things to rush and follow up, with so little time. Good thing all went as it should by quarter past six. I can go home without having to carry baggages.

Phew! I'm tired.

Anyhoo, the bosses have decided to close shop next Friday and Monday after that. Hurrah! I quietly asked Mr Gadget about it this morning, but he gave me a negative reply at that time. Maybe he didn't grasp the 'concept' then. But after he discussed the matter with The Hotness, the decision changed.

On top of that, they're throwing us a party next Monday. Some one must be having a good day today. Lol!

Also, I am getting what I asked from them about a month or two ago. The Fox thinks I am in need of one, and have some what lobbied for it to The Hotness this morning on my behalf. I was given the write up for a look-see this afternoon and I think Mr Gadget has posted it up. Hopefully, we'll get good, talented and pleasant ones soon.

Me? I'm excited but nervous. Excited because it is a step up; nervous for the unknown. Only time will tell how I fare in this new development.

But what to become of the supposed new place? Not that it's 100% confirmed, but I'm just wondering if I should put in the effort, you know? What if I got it, and then decided not to take it up? Because you know, Borders just opened a store at The Gardens :-p Wouldn't be fair to the other party, would it?

Why do things like these ALWAYS happens to me weii?? No wonder I'm so clueless. Sigh.



nong@kween said…
Hehehe, I feel you girlfren. Takut plak, yg dikejar tak dpt, yg dikendong berciciran. but anyhow, the ball is in your court. ;)
Anonymous said…
huhu my advice is, just go with the flow and see where you end up..

that's what i'm doing, at least! hehehe