I have had a holiday, and I'd like to take it up professionally.

Earlier this year after tendering her resignation, C went to Pangkor on a self-dicovery trip. She shared with E & I photos of her holiday and suggested for all of us to take a vacation together soon. It has been in the works for the longest time!

Decisions had to be made -- to take the kids or not, which long weekend should we plan this trip i.e. to go during Deepavali or Raya Haji or Malaysia Day; and neither wanted to utilise too many off days for this. We only  managed to confirm it last month with a date that is suitable for everybody ;-p

E has booked our room (we've decided to take the kids). Only left is for me and C to purchase our bus tickets.

So... Pangkor, here we come!


Let the countdown begins... T minus 45 days. Woohoo!



Anonymous said…
Wooot!! never been to pangkor......
Larawannabe said…
It's lovely and closer than, say, Tioman. Pegi la. Stay kat Damai Laut, syiok! This trip we're taking the family room at some budget hotel je.