Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weekly Twitter Update - 03 Jan 2010

  • - Sleeping cats on my bed :) #
  • Gawd. Am I having a dream or nightmare? Dreamt I was in HSM as Gabriella singing 'Breaking Free' with Zac Efron. Hahahaha!! #
  • Having dinner at Saba. Rather easy to find the place la. #
  • The blog's updated: Sometimes, you just have to get away with the girls. -- just so you know. #
  • Just finished watching Storm Warriors. Movie was so-so la. Too much slow-mo and CGI. But saw Cloud all is well :) #
  • But is it true? He died?? :( #
  • Oh, when Wind turned evil? He became as pale as a vampire. Lol. N when he went 2 the meadow? Haha, cannot help it; I kept thinking TWILIGHT! #
  • The blog's updated: Weekly Twitter Update - 27 Dec 2009 -- just so you know. #
  • Feeling accomplished :) #
  • Forced to watch Tari Tirana. Gawd, this guy Ash. Get over it already! Uwek. #
  • Ah. Ghost Whisperer. Much better ;) #
  • Ex oh ex oh... #
  • I think B has the best lines! Lol. #
  • Downloading Opera Mobile. Never knew it existed. Fml. #
  • Should stop playing to do some REAL work today. Sigh. #
  • OMG!! Are the people in HLB working today? I've been calling and calling and calling and callinggggggggg !!! #
  • Sesuatu ... #
  • Wah. Search tengah practice di Dataran Merdeka ke? #
  • Nice! Can go Bali next year y'all. RT @tunehotels: - Double room in Double Six Legian Bali hotel #
  • Guess what I'm watching? @britneyspears's Crossroad! Forgotten I have the dvd. Lol. #
  • The last day of 2009, omg! Remember the time when we were all freaking out about Y2K ten years ago? Lol. Let the countdown begin! #
  • The blog's updated: That is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice! -- just so you know. #
  • Oh hai (@ Pernas Sogo Complex) #
  • 'Hanya kau yang mampu' rupanya nama lagu tu. Punya lah, bertahun cari -_-' #
  • I am listening to 80s music!! Ol' skool much? ;-p #

  • Who is this Ikhwan? He looks like he can join the Jonas :-p #
  • Happy New Year 2010 Malaysia! Woot! #
  • - We dont have to go downtown when there are so many fireworks organised here. Woot! #
  • - New Year firework at my suburb. Please ignore the satellite dish. Lol. #
  • Now waiting for the moon to appear at my side of the balcony so I can take a shot. It is so bright! #
  • The blog's updated: Happy New Year 2010! -- just so you know. #
  • Woah. You mean there're folks still living in 2009? #
  • Cream caramel chilling in the fridge. Yumyum! #
  • Shopping! (@ Tesco Extra, Taman Midah) #
  • for brunch (@ Pak Hailam Kopitiam, Tesco Extra Cheras) #
  • Mira's pre-school registration today. More like 'pay school fees' day. No uniforms, no list, no nothing. All hv to wait for Monday. #
  • Uniforms were not distributed today coz they're not ready yet. Or order has not arrived? What hv they been doing past 6 wks? #
  • Lists were not given coz they hv not update inventory. 6 weeks. What hv they been doing? #
  • Different experiences between private and govt school, I guess ;-p #
  • Eh. I'm adjusting 2 the system. Lol. U pay peanuts, u get monkeys ;) Teachers n facilities r fine. Just amazed at the unprepared-ness 2day. #
  • When the recipe ask for castor sugar, follow. Dont act smart and use coarse sugar instead. #
  • Guess what I have baking in the oven... Brownies! Lol. Used coarse sugar coz I havent any castor, so dunno how that'll turn up :-p #
  • Hope for the best *fingers crossed* Hehe #
  • Sweet Home Alabama #
  • - Brownies! :) #
  • Just Like Heaven #
  • At the ballet school (@ Lot 10) #
  • Mort hardly purr #


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