A meow massages the heart.

Ah. See. I started yesterday's entry to story-mory about what happened on Sunday and about Mort. Dunno how it became a rant about bus service. Lol.

After Mira's class on Sunday, we headed to Nong's for our first meet up for 2010. As it was semi-potluck, I brought Krispy Kreme's original glaze for dessert whilst MC brought sparkling juices. Merry forgotten her ice cream, so tak mrasa lah.

The adults were seated at the main table whereas the little divas sat at theirs. At some point, while we were busy toasting to a great year, friendship, health and what not; I noticed the girls tried to copy us.

Here they are with their apple juice. Hillarious! And cute, too! MC took the above photo.

We left after six, I went straight to the vet to collect Mort. I called ahead to check on him on the way there. The vet said all went well but he was still out. I wasn't sure if we should pick him up when he's still unconscious. The vet assured me it was fine as long as I kept him in a dark enclosure while he rest and not to feed him until the next day.

Poor cat though, on the way back home he peed in his sleep while still inside his carrier. Most of his left side was wet. Once he's in a proper cage I towel it off. Can't bathe him yet, not for another week at least. So he's stink abit at the moment. Hehe.

He woke up at about ten, just as we were about to go to bed. He straight away tried to claw his way out eventhough he was still groggy and can't even stand straight. After a while he calmed down and slept some more.

He was still sleeping the next morning when we left for work/school, so I just left a bowl of water in the cage.

When I came back from work, he was fully alert. I let him eat in peace before letting him out. He moped around for a few days, refused to play with the two kittens. You know, while he was away, the kittens went all over the apartment looking for him. Maybe they missed him :-)

And this could be just guilt but Mort just stared at me ominously from his perch. Lol.

We're ok now. He's back sitting on my tummy and sleeping with me on the bed. I think I will send Seven (formerly known as Wiggy) first to be neutered and after that I'll send Sophie pulak to be spayed. The vet's having some neuter/check-up/vaccination promotion until early Feb.

Compared to Mort (lanky), they're both round. Not quite fat but berisi lah. Sedap dipeluk-peluk -- geram ok.

However, Seven doesn't quite like to be cuddled. He's very mischievous and cannot sit still. Sophie, if she can, will eat nonstop. She likes to be cradled and it is really nice to have her near you because her body is so soft. But she has an attention spand of a 3 year old, very easily distracted by Seven.

So she may come to you for cuddling but just as you were about to let her, she'll run away to see what's Seven up to. And he's full of 'somethings'. Lol.

Will be meeting Su later tonight. Thought of watching Avatar tapi macam malas pulak.



nong@kween said…
Love love the pics. Our girls have definitely grown up..

hahaha.. Mort, welcome to the new phase buddy! Agak2 jadi cam my Paul, agak patah disitu. LOL