Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Twitter Update - 10 Jan 2010

  • Mira's first day at school today :) #
  • The blog's updated: First day at school -- just so you know. #
  • - Pancakes for breakfast! :) #
  • Gah! Why make me go through hoops when u already got someone else jumping on the other side?? Wasted my effort only wtf. #
  • I'm like, so tired yo. Had 2 look for another pair of temp school uniform for Mira. Went from Jusco Balakong to Tesco Kajang to Tesco Extra! #
  • I thought we'd avoid traffic going into KL, but alas first 2 places has no more white tee. Out of stock. Found few last ones in Tesco Extra. #
  • Mira said she dont wanna go 2 school if I go 2 work 2day. No matter wat I say (I hv 2 so I can buy her toys etc), she just refuse 2 hear. #
  • So I kinda lied. And sent her to school this AM. But when she saw Kim picked her up after instead of me, she cried! Refuse to follow Kim. #
  • Lucky I've intro-ed Kim to the class teacher yesterday, if not she might think some stranger trying to kidnap lah -_-' #
  • Ok, this is my 1,025th tweets. Kelassss! #
  • It's like, becoming a dedicated and competent PA a new resolution gitu ^_^ #
  • Dinner ordered for delivery. Waiting patiently for ... Prosperity! *hungry* #
  • Methink neighbour has a new pet dog. Hehe. #
  • Blogger boy dah bulat this season, compared to last. Hehe. Senang hati kot. #
  • Yeay! Friday is here :) #
  • Oxymoron entry of this decade, IMO. Blaming others when it's very clear u subscribed to the same values. If not, why fuss in the 1st place? #
  • Haih. What to have for lunch today? Not going out, incase I get caught in the middle of 'war'. Lol. #
  • Distracted #
  • Will be taking Mort to the vet later for his scheduled surgery. #
  • Wanna go make pancakes for breakfast but not sure if we still have fresh milk... (Im still tergolek2 atas katil) #
  • Mort's vet appointment (@ Seksyen 7 Bandar Baru Bangi) #
  • There's this chick right, all dressed up to the nines for just sending her kid to ballet everytime. Not that's wrong. But... >> #
  • << All those preparation on herself she's forgotten to pack her kid's ballet bag. Lol. So the kid went into class in her dress today. #
  • Ballet! (@ Lot 10) #
  • Tea party :) (@ Bandar Nusaputra, Puchong) #
  • - Yummy roast drumsticks by @nongali. #
  • - Krispy Kreme's Original Glaze for dessert. #
  • - Cheers! #
  • Picking Mort up from the vet after his surgery (@ Seksyen 7 Bandar Baru Bangi) #
  • Akak CT tu pakai costume apa ek? #
  • Woohoo! Bunkface! #juaralagu #
  • Woohoo! Faizal Tahir! #ajl24 #
  • Actually kan? The whole ensemble mcm MJ RT @wawaporeber: #AJL24 drama king is performing. Dah macam MJ #


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