Oh, a honk instead of a knock. Did someone order a townie?

Hmmm... Mid-term exam next month; the schedule's out. Good thing the two subjects involve falls on the weekend. Although, it kinda clash with Mira's ballet classes now. Starting next month she'll have to attend two classes a week to get ready for her test next year.

We can't miss more than a class, otherwise the school will not allow her to enrol for 2010 exam. Not sure yet if there're other classes she can join as a replacement that week. I wish I have a super power that allows me to be at two places at once. Sigh.

I'm bored... well, not really, just have this 'unhealthy' feeling due to the fact that I know I have work to finish but I'd rather play Farm Ville-Pet Society-Cafe World-etc. I so need to stop! Lol.

Ok, I promise not to play any games in FB for 2 days, starting tomorrow.

Speaking of work, don't you just hate it when you hear your name being mentioned when other people discussing work. I've been hearing mine pop up ever so often these days. They're not speaking bad of me, though. Just trying to tai-chi some tasks to me from the look of it.

I don't blame them. I'd blame their bosses. They haven't brief their subordinates about their new porfolio. It was never discussed between them, too. Thus, of course the first thing the staff will do is complain and try to think 1,001 kind of ways to not do the job.

Typical lah kan!

I couldn't be bothered; it's not like I can't do the work. I've done it all before (and then some) in the old office. Just that, if it's not supposed to be my responsibility, mak tak larat nak buat for other people la kan. Unless of course, they are willing pay me for it :p

I should bring this up to my boss. Muahahaha!



mum2h said…
time to show off ur skills girl!!! or they might not notice on ur ability.....

same situation here...some people likes to under estimate people...
Mama Farizal said…
Being a newbie, memang sll akan jadi mangsa. If obviously other ppl's job, voice out beb.. tai-chi2 ni mmg x bleh escape!
nong@kween said…
sometimes I took out of scope job just to shine..

i know, kiasu LOL..
Larawannabe said…
The thing is, karang mak pandai2 offer diri and when my boss tau he may not agree. Our approved headcount for this project very limited, so he may have other plans how to use 'me'.

The folks yg tengah seronok talking behind my back tu are supposed to extend something kind of group shared admin services thingy to our unit. The accounts la yg dok complain kata dia tak nak buat.

For now, I'm taking a wait-n-see approach. Coz bab accounts tu memang mak tobat tanak buat lagi. Lol. Lain2 ok.