They're called breasts, and yes, they are exceptional.

I have a new 'my favourite TV series' to add on my list -- Dollhouse! And right after Dollhouse, I'll also watch Burn Notice 2. You can watch them every Monday on 8tv from 9:30 PM onwards.

But before that, switch in to ntv7 for Lie to Me at half past eight. Hehe.

Such a slow week at the office after the Raya break. But seeing that there will be another BOD meeting in two weeks, I think next week things will start to pick up. As it is, with the announcement that was made a few days before Raya by the powers that be, we've started to get queries.

I hope this project will go well... so we can be paid BONUS from the profit. Muahahaha! Although, realistically we won't be able to see that so soon, but one must think positively, right.

I've got tutorials tomorrow morning and to drive Mira to her ballet on Sunday. The kittens (DH dubbed them 'the Jackson 5') are grown now, have started to poo-poo. They also prefer to be let out from the pen. And because we kept the pen in my den, the place is getting to stink. Ew, please!

If I'm not too lazy busy, I'll do something about it this weekend :p

May you and yours have a fantastic days ahead. Chaiyok! Chaiyok! (Lepas dah tahu meaning of this word from Wawa, baru boleh guna. Lol)