Hey, I woke up in a five-star floor coffin just like you, pal.

Money. Don't I just love to hate it. The more I try not to spend it, the more quickly the balance in my bank account shrunk it seem. WTF!

IggySingh and I plans to meet this Friday. If I can book the ticket online (yesterday the website was down, today the M2U tak function pulak. FML), then we will be watching 'This Is It'. If not, oh well... shopping je lah.

Last Friday, Mira was being so sweet to her Atuk. I didn't know he was unwell. Usually before we left for home, Mira will give her Atuk some kisses and a hug. But that night she went to him whilst calling out to me saying, 'Bibu, Atuk sick lah. Panas (while holding her hand to her Atuk's forehead).'

She told me to take her Atuk to see the doctor. Hehe.

Atuk said no need, but mak serba salah pulak, so I just make sure he has the usuals - Panadol, cough meds and cold meds, before we leave. We also checked upon him over the weekend, just to make sure he's ok. He's alone at home because Kim's at her in laws for her 'pantang' these past weeks.


Yesterday, for the first time ever, Mira got wallop by her Atuk. She took a black marker and drew on her Atuk's newly painted wall! Haha! Mrasa lah!



Wawa said…
what mira was doing comes from empathy.

bagusla lara. kadang2 orang simpati, but not many people can act on it.

kudos mira.
nong@kween said…
hahaha comel laa mira.. pass tu dah kena babap. kecian. OMG u know what, narnia tu dia tak conteng dinding, but then our cadar, bantal, duvet, bolster, pillow- samada kena conteng ngan white bod marker or kena GUNTING!!!! it was rampant masa memula dia dpt adek dulu. now dah kena rotan few times, tak buat dah but the damages have been done..
Larawannabe said…
Wawa: Mira tu mak rasa dia sgt emphatic coz she's a pisces kot. Hehe. Tapi mmg earned a brownie point la with her atuk, pastu tolak points balik dgn incident conteng dinding. Lol.

Nong: Adoiiii, kena gunting tu sakit jugak. at least with white bod marker tu boleh cuci kan.

A lot of notty things yg mira buat selalunya when she's not with me. either dia takut dgn mak or she has her ayah/atuk wrapped tightly ard her tiny little fingers. hehe. coz case conteng2 ni bukan 1st incident pun. dia ada conteng pintu and windows rumah atuk dia. but becoz haritu dia conteng kat dinding yg org tua tu BARU CAT, mrasa la kena babap. haha.
mum2h said…
lara...my late mom starts wif fever..i rasa better bawak pegi hospital..

anyway mira itu sungguh cute...hehehe wonder why she call u BIBU...so cute!!!
Larawannabe said…
wah. kena suruh my dad pegi check up la kan. thanks for the heads up.

mira panggil i bibu tu sbb dia confuse. ayah dia call me babe or most often short jadik 'bi'. we pulak ajar mira to call me ibu. tapi cik kak tu pegi add both words jadi la bibu. hehe. lekat sampai la ni.

dia panggil makcik dia kim and her husband, babe ok. lol. puas dah suruh panggil mak su & pak su, tak jalan.