The average person lies 3 times for every 10 minutes of conversation.

Documenting minutes is tedious, eh. I've been told by the GM that I will be required to travel down south with them for a meeting, but when I checked with the boss, he said he's still thinking if it is necessary. Talk about 'miscommunication' there.

And if I need to be there, the boss has offered me to drive down with him. Letih :p

So all those 'plans' you see me Tweet yesterday can go down the drain lah. I thought if I have to fly I can come back earlier or make my own plans la kan. Teehee.

After nearly 5 months working in this area, I actually ventured out for a walkabout over lunch yesterday. I walked by the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman stretch, part of Jalan Masjid India towards Semua House and back.

I walked in a bookstore, bought Add. Maths exercise books. I stopped by SSF and gosh! the place was quite intriguing. There were a lot of knick knacks i.e. vases, candle holders, frames, small things, big things, cushions, furnitures, tin cans, fake plants and flowers, etc. etc. etc.

I only went up to level four, I think. Haven't the time to go all the way up, but as I walked out I saw there were floors on curtains and wedding dias stuff as well as furniture, too. Phew!

The shop itself was compact but they have many floors and many things in it.

I plan to go into Globe Silk Store one of these days. Hehe. Relive the times when my late mom dragged me there, much to my annoyance (because it can get quite hectic in there with so many shoppers). I just want to go all the way up, to its cafeteria.

They used to serve nice dishes there, especially the creme caramel.

For now I am madly in love with having sliced turnip covered with red sauce, a dash of crushed nuts and sugar on one side of it, for lunch. Yummeh!



nong@kween said…
OMG!! Mak boleh lupa that SSF is just 'down d road'. LOL. and i thot i have to travel all d way to BSD.

Nanti boleh tolong recce candle stand yg mak idam2 kan... ;)
Larawannabe said…
boleh bolehhhh.. nanti esok lusa mak recce kan. shop dia di-sinun jek from my office ni. hehe.