I find lentils completely incomprehensible.

We received news that my SIL has decided to call off her engagement over the weekend. DH was summoned to his aunt's house for a family meeting. No wonder DH had a hard time contacting her these past few weeks -- she was troubled.

I was told that the ex-fiance strangled her when they had a disagreement a couple of weeks ago. And it happened in KLCC. Hmmm...

Anyhow, she made the right choice. Bila dah kahwin nanti, it's not easy to get out of it. Trust me :p

Lets talk about Budget 2010. I couldn't be bothered to read the whole thing, just looking for snippets here and there (my Google search: Budget 2010 simplified. Lol!).

These two points caught my eye:
  • PTPTN loans will be converted to scholarships for students who graduate with first class honours degree or equivalent, beginning 2010.
  • Netbook package, including free broadband service, to university students for RM50 per month for 2 years.
Can someone define 'students' and 'university students' for me, please. It's too vauge. In other words, mak included in the definition ke nok? Hehe.

And this makes me happy... a bit -- Individual taxpayers to be given tax relief on broadband subscription fee up to RM500 a year from 2010 to 2012.

Also, the Government will issue 1Malaysia Sukuk totalling RM3 billion. If it is assessible enough (read: cheap), I'd like to take it up.

What else?



Anonymous said…
Ader SERVICE TAX for creditcard holder, rm50 principal, rm25 supp. hampeh. beramai2 org cancel card this week..
mum2h said…
sorry to hear about your SIL. But i think it's better dr tunggu lepas kawin kan???
Larawannabe said…
Nong: RM50 saja what. Unless ada 10 kad la baru rasa rugi kot. Lol. Macam kena double taxed gitu.

Mum2h: Betul3x. The ex ada propose they tangguh kan the wedding instead, tapi the SIL adamant nak putus. Iyelah, belum pape dah tunjung gengster kan. Parents & abang2 dia, jentik pun tak penah, pandai pulak orang lain nak pukul2.