There’s no law that says I can’t cook in my own house.

I have ran out of ideas what special dish to prepare for iftar. As I said to Wawa, I'm just going to fry (ke nak buat gulai?) chicken, vegetables and some eggs.

Today, I am also going to bring back my electric oven from dad's house that Kim borrowed two years ago (lol!). Want to do a bit of experiment on something ;)

Last night, while wallowing in self pity and what-have-yous, I had an epiphany.

You reap what you sow. You can't expect a plant to grow and flourish without any care. You can't expect it to bear fruit or bloom pretty flowers for you.

Or the best example would be of an iguana.

If you don't consistently shower love to it and care for your pet iguana on a daily basis, but instead you just kept it in its cage being ignored. Don't expect it to warmly climb onto your hand when you offered it so your pet can snuggle its' head on yours.

Instead, you have no one else to blame but yourself if it ripped your finger off in return.

I am reaping what I have been sowing since 1995, but in a different context. It was the biggest mistake of my life for allowing it to become a norm not an exception. I wished some one had advised me about its repercussion back then.

But who knew by just looking at available examples that were perfect?



mum2h said…
Betul2....sebab rumah kita masak la apa yg kita suka puna salkan tak de org mati keracunan hehehe
Larawannabe said…
hari ni i berangan nak buat bubur lambuk cukup rasa. hehe. esok kita tgk jadi ke tidak ye.
Wawa said…
yo, ada bubur lambuk cukup rasa?

picture please okeh
mum2h said…
amacam jadi tak bubur lambuk cukup rasa petang ni un ak tunngu i kat lrt so that i boleh passkan buburkan lambuk pak hasaan hehehehe