Look who’s getting all paternal.

Guess what? Something terrible has happened. Specky has gone AWOL!

I remembered I saw her when I got home on Tuesday evening. The cats were at the door waiting for us to come in, as usual. Then I saw her eating and then she went inside my bedroom to be with her kittens.

Then DH came back. And went out again. And came home. And went out again. Etc.

Later that night, just as I was about to retire to bed, I wondered where she was but thought she must be with her babies. I didn't checked either, was just assuming.

Next morning when I woke up, I noticed that the leftover food I left for her was untouched. And when I checked the place where she kept her babies, she wasn't with them. I called her out, but she was no where to be found!

I told DH to go find out where she's gone before I left for work, but he was half asleep. Later I found out he forgot all about it.

Anyway, DH was home first yesterday, so I asked him about our 'Specky-gone-AWOL' situation. He said he has not seen her so far since he came back (duh!). We found that the kittens have been moved to a new spot, though. So, I thought she must still be in the flat.

But where?? We went looking for her again, no corner was left unturned. The cats love to just disappear like this, out of our sight; hiding in some corner somewhere. Or high up above the kitchen cabinets. We'll be setengah gila look for them and they'll come out dengan selamba from some nooks and crannies, places I didn't know a cat could crawl in to sleep.

But Specky didn't turn up when called. DH then went to look for her outside at the common areas of our apartment building. Still no sign of her.

Sigh. Did someone tell her of my past intention to give her up? Because that subject was never discussed with anyone at home. It was something I was mulling over alone.

Poor kitties. Mort was beside himself. We later discovered that Mort was the one who moved the kittens. He was mothering them, but when the kittens started to go for his teats, he balked.

It was a sight to be seen y'all! Lol.

Anyhow. Without Specky, the chances for these kittens to live is slim to none, yes? They're all still so young! Only a week old I think. I tried to feed them some milk using a syringe last night. Don't know how well that went.

If Specky does not to come home within these 2 days, what am I to do? Pening uols.



Anonymous said…
is this her 1st time wandering around?
Larawannabe said…
yes, first time terlepas.
mum2h said…

I think dia merajuk ler.