The day before Syawal, Mira and I went out for some last minute shopping. Well, we tried. We couldn't find any baju kurung for her -- all sold out, vley? We ended up in Ikea instead. I wanted to check if the new catalogue is out already. Just so you know, the staff said it should be out sometime mid October.

That afternoon, Kim called to say she's in labour. She wanted me to mind Wafi but I was half way across town. All her in laws have gone back to their hometown. Luckily though, one of the younger siblings was still in KL, so she helped took care of Wafi for a while.

Kim gave birth to a healthy baby boy later that evening. It was all pretty quick. I arrived at the hospital at about 9 PM-ish thinking the baby hasn't come out yet. Lol. It was quite comical, to tell you the truth.

Can you believe it the new parents haven't prepared any name yet? What have they been doing for the past 9 months??

I started looking for names to shortlist the moment I got to know Mira's on the way. And I have a name confirmed within 3 months after that. As soon as she came out, she's already has a name. Ni tak, when I asked for the baby's name the next day I saw them at the hospital, they haven't a clue.

They don't even have a list of possible names ready, for goodness sake. Apakah?

I made one suggestion -- Wafi Aidil. For fans of Nur Kasih, I think the name was obvious, but to Kim for some reason she thought I got the name from another Malay drama (Dayang Senandung kot?). But that was Aidid lah, not Aidil :p

Besides, Aidil tu sempena hari raya la jugak kan eventhough he's not born in Syawal. But to be fair, I also searched and suggested a few other names to pair it with 'Wafi'.

They deliberated on this... for a week! I checked with them again yesterday, and apparently they've decided to name him as per my suggestion. But because they haven't register it, we'll keep it to 99% sure lah ok.

Kesian baby tu nameless for so long. I feel it's bad for the soul to wait for a long time to be named. I dunno... but to my way of thinking, a nameless soul is akin to an unknown soul roaming around without knowing what to do.

I hope they'll firm it up once and for all. And SOON! There's a due date to register child birth too, right? A week if I'm not mistaken.