Selamat Hari Raya

We will be celebrating Eid in 2 days. Woot! I am jealous of those who have a kampung to go back to. Mine is just sepelaung from my office (read: Kg Baru) :p Even Dad's house is just about 5 minutes drive from where I live. Kalau nak nyanyi lagu 'Balik Kampung' pun tak sempat habis.

And probably because my mom is no longer with us, Raya never feel the same.

Well, we still have a kampung in Port Dickson, though, but the people who mattered are no longer there. Except for my aunt (Dad's elder sister), but she's really ill and wouldn't even know we're there due to alzheimer, as well as Dad's older brother and wife who have moved to live with his daughter.

If there's time, we'll drive down there for a visit. But still... the feeling is not as meriah as before. It would be fun to join DH's side of the family, but most often than not, he's not keen to.

Kim's lucky to still have that with her husband's family -- the numerous rounds of Raya visits to relatives houses. It is tiring, but fun especially for the kids. I have tried to emulate the same festive feeling we had growing up for Mira, but kalau lepas pegi 3-4 buah rumah laki mak dah mengeluh, boring la kan (read: boleh jadi gaduh) :p

So, for those who still has it, enjoy your Raya.

I'm not taking any off days (because I will not be getting any pay if I do) but the office will be relaxed next week seeing most of them will be on leave. My boss and his driver as well as the GM has taken the whole of next week off.

As it is, I am nursing a cold at the moment. Uhuks.

Anyhow, Selamat Hari Raya to all. Maaf zahir batin.



mum2h said…

Selamat hari raya..
tak sangka ofis i dekat dgn kg u.. hehehehe
Larawannabe said…
macam tu hari-hari pun boleh balik kampung kan? hehehe