No human thing is of serious importance.

I took the day off last Friday, just for fun. Do some spring cleaning on Saturday (nak raya kan). And then Sunday, went to collect my books at Uni. Some of my friends went in the morning, thinking it'll take too long if they were to come later in the afternoon.

Alas, the whole process was quick and painless. I think the whole thing took me less than fifteen minutes from start (collecting my queue number) to finish (collecting the books).

I saw one of my coursemate, though. She told me to expect our exam results to be out within these two weeks. Yikes!

Thus officially, the new semester has arrived. I'm pretty excited, eventhough we have maths this time. Ugh!

Other than that, looks like we'll have to get Mira a new set of ballet uniform next month -- coz even the shoes are getting tighter. This time she'll be getting a pink leotards with pink skirt.

I'm thinking of getting her a set of Juicy Couture tracksuit, tapi tunggu lah :)

Dunno what to have for iftar today. Any ideas?



mum2h said…
huwaaaaa....i tak buat spring cleaning lagi!!!