It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.

Blogger Editor looks different today. The toolbar UI has been changed, I think. Nice, though.

Last night I watched GG and I am highly amused with what's going on between B and C. Padan dua-dua tu. They make such a cute couple, don't they? ;)

Starting from this month onwards, Mira will be taking her ballet lessons from the school's Lot 10 branch. She really likes the teacher there (she's very animated) and the group of girls in that class. And as it fall on Sundays, it worked well with my tutorial schedules this coming semester.

It also helped, a little I think, when she can see the 'seniors' prancing about in their pretty pointe shoes outside. At least, she can see what she can do in years to come and be excited about it.

I've been told by the school's admin that starting November onwards, she'll have to attend two classes per week. This is to have the kids prepared for April's exam (yikes!).

The only thing I don't quite like about this is... the shopping tempation is right there as soon as you enter the mall. Lol.

I parked the car in Sg Wang to save on parking fee (Lot 10 charges RM7 per entry), and then we walk to Lot 10. Mira saw some hair clips along the way and wanted one. Then she saw a Disney Princesses dress and wanted that, too. For the record, I didn't buy it for her because dekat pasar malam ada jual much cheaper :p

After class, we still have to walk through the mall and it is a must to stop by Famous Amos for Mira wants to buy some cookies. On top of that, on normal days, we'll have lunch at the kopitiam or somewhere.

Actually, come to think of it, when I compare this 'rituals' with the one we used to have i.e. have lunch at Secret Recipe and then go to the Gardens, this current routine is much more economical. Hehe.

I think Mira's a budding shopaholic. She likes to shop! We've the Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD and she's been watching it repeatedly. It's like her favourite movie at the moment.



Anonymous said…
Mira is definitely shopaholics in training.

Anak mak baru masuk 1 kedai, dah merungut. unless kalau nak beli barang dia, itupun she's only interested in 1-2 thing.
Larawannabe said…
Mira tarik tangan mak masuk kedai ada lah. Aduhai. But she likes books, clothes and pretty little things. Toys tak sangat pulak (nasib baik!).

And nasib baik jugak, if she tak dapat what she wants, she wont guling2 atas lantai nangis. Haha.