That '70s Show

You know what's so '70s? Eating corn flakes with full cream evaporated milk and a sprinkle of sugar. That was how my mom prepared my cereals for me growing up.

But later in my teens, I'd substitute evaporated milk and sugar with low fat milk only. Blame it on all the health junket that started to come out in the late '80s and American tv shows ;)

Since I recently bought a can of evaporated milk for my jelly dessert, I also thought I'd use it with corn flakes. Gosh, it tasted just as good as I remembered it.

I introduced it to Mira and she likes it, too. We always have a bowl for supper these days. It's like our dessert dish instead of having it for breakfast.

And I'll have another bowl for sahur, too.

Now, if only they still sell Haliborange. Hehe.



mum2h said…
sedap ehhh...nak try la..
nong@kween said…
Iloveee evaporated milk.. boleh minum2 cam tu jek..
Larawannabe said…
mum2h: cuba lah. tapi a note of warning, it is very sweet. tapi sedap. hehe.

nong: betul betul betul! lemak berkrim. disukai ramai. pastu kalau buat sirap bandung, susu je lebih for me ;)
Wawa said…
haliborange. ahah.

very antique eh,