She thinks the view from up here is magnificent. The city below her alighted with colourful twinkly lights. She can see the clock tower standing tall and bold in the middle of the bustling city. She could only imagined the noise because it cannot reach her from where she was.

The wind blew softly, ruffling her hair and the black satin nightdress she's wearing. The cold breeze is making her shiver a little. The wind blew again, more strongly that before. She felt as if the wind was trying to caress her and it understands her plight. She felt loved. I'm going crazy, she thought letting a deep chuckle out from her throat.

She looked down. Twenty one floors below her, she can only see tiny people walking about gaily. If only they knew about her life, would they take pity on her? If only they knew what's running through her mind at the moment, would they look up and try to save her? Or would they taunt her to just jump?

She adjusted her feet; they're getting numb from the prolonged squatting. She moved her legs one by one to sit her bum on the ledge. Her legs now dangling free below, she started to think over her predicament.

The things he said to her did not merely crush her hope for a better future, but her belief that there is a God. How could He let her life go on like this? How could He not help correct the wrong? How much longer would she have to suffer before He intervene?

And the bastard of a man, whose only purpose in life is to leech off of her. She wonders why has he not been punished as he should be. She wonders why he is still alive. She wonders what he make of her now that he knows she's incapable of giving him what he wants. Because he is still here, in their bed, sleeping peacefully. Whilst here she was; her mind numb, her eyes puffy and heart full of hate.

Suddenly, the feeling that brought her sitting on that ledge came over her. Despair. Dark, potent and gripping. She couldn't breathe. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. The pain in her chest was unbearable. The prickly feeling she felt through the veins in her left hands intensified.

She wanted to scream!

She wanted to scream at the unjust world. She wanted to scream at her unjust God. She wanted to scream at the hateful bastard sleeping on her bed. But she knew that would be useless. He would retaliate. He would knock her out unconscious just like before. Just like every time she tried to speak up to defend herself. To let go of the tight grasp he has on her life.

She wanted to die!

And with that, she abruptly stand up. On the ledge looking down, with the pain and despair engulfing her. It has to end. She do not want to have to live in this life any longer. She wants the pain to go away.

She closed her eyes and let go. She's flying now. She can feel the air slapping at her face. She can feel the wind hugging her and sings. She felt relief overcomes her entire being. She smiles.

And then every thing stops.


A picture of a woman crouching and hugging herself sitting on a ledge has been haunting me for the past few days. She wanted me to tell her story, so here it is. This is the easiest piece I've written by far. The words just flows. A bit dark though.

I hope you like it =)

And oh, this is just a work of fiction - a product of my over active imagination. Any resemblance to anything and anybody, dead or alive, is totally coincidental.



amreeth said…
i LIKED it :)
i guess as this is her story, then you told it as it happened.

i would have killed that man, whilst he was lying in bed, or thrown him off the ledge.

hugs + GOOD JOB!