The Friday Game Plan

My movie buddy and I thought of watching Gabriel last night. However, the online ticket reservation for M2U was unavailable and I couldn't book it via the usual online booking either. So we gave it a pass (not going to join in the Saturday night queue, thanks) and promised to do the movie thing for next Thursday.

Instead, we just lepak.

We first stopped by at the jewelers for Ms IggySingh aka Su wants to get herself a birthday present. I tried on a beautiful tennis bracelet that costs RM18,000. Why is it that every jewelery I like costs a bomb? But it was lovely though. I think I'll have to look for some other pattern that looks like a tennis bracelet, but won't costs as much :p

Coz seriously hunni, for RM18k? I can pay 4 terms worth of Mira's private school fee if ever I wish to send her there.

After Su's done with her shopping we headed on to BK for dinner. We spend quite sometime there; just sit, eat and talk. Then Su wanted to get a tetanus shot which she takes every 6 months. She is an iguana keeper after all.

So off we went looking for the clinic as it has moved its premises to another corner of the mall. We waited for a bit there -- the doctor is otherwise occupied. The nurse had to administer it instead. By then it was already 9 pm.

How time flies when you're with good company.

I wanted to check out the Cats Show up at the conference hall, but alas it closes at nine. After Su bought some fake green plants at the pet store and we loiter a bit at WOFS, we left for home.

Now it is already half past four on a Saturday. I'm just waiting for the TNChick to open up this week's PhotoHunt meme in about 2 ½ hours so I can post mine.