It Is All In The Bees

The bosses are thinking of closing the office a day earlier for CNY. It's a free day off. Unlike some company who force-deduct leaves from their staffs, which I think is unfair to those who are not planning to waste their annual leave for it.

DH suggest we go off for a holiday during that time. We may have to pay triple the usual price, but why not eh? We haven't decide where to go yet, though. Har har. Haven't even booked hotels and stuff. Lol!

The thing is, I want to go to Pangkor or Port Dickson whilst he wants to go to Penang. I'm just going to go with the flow. If it's fated that we go, we go. If not, we can go shopping. Someone still owes me an anniversary present :p

All is good because the big B will be given out before that. Muahahahahahahaha! If following last financial year's tier, I hope I will get the same marks in my performance evaluation. And in increment too. Just hoping for the best, really.

But then, I should save some for something else in March. Because right after the big B, comes another B that is this...

Our company trip that was planned since July last year, but due to the time constrain, we are only able to go this year. We are now looking to go either the second or last week of March, depending on villas availability.

The ONLY thing that may dampen my spirit in organizing this trip is that *I* may not be able to join. It is all up in the air for me right now. Sigh.



Anonymous said…
Bali? Oh my God! bestnyee!! huhu you're gonna have lots of fun! neways, kenapa u may not be able to go lak?

nong@kween said…
I love B (big or small, doesn't matter)...

Wahh, a day off b4 CNY?? bestnyaaaa!!!!
Larawannabe said…
MC yar, we're heading to Bali. the thing with me is, if the trip falls during school break, then i'm ok to go. if the bosses choose to go end of March, then the logistics for mira is going to be a little bit challenging coz of school. so... dunno yet how.

nong i wish that B is bottomless. muahahahaha! for now the 'things-to-buy' list has outgrown the projected entitlement. how? ;p