Things That Make You Go 'Hmm'

The government last Sunday decided to give us (KL & Putrajaya) the day off today to celebrate Thaipusam. All is good and well. However, the PM I feel kinda spoil the sentiment when he say the reason he approved the request was because "They said that during Thaipusam there would be traffic jams everywhere in Kuala Lumpur and it is difficult to get to work. So let it be a holiday”.

Really? That's a shame. Wouldn't it be better if he were to say 'So that everyone can share the celebration' or something along that line. You know, us, being a multi-racial country and all :p

My day was uneventful most part. I had to stand by a gang member of mine, supporting his fight on Fighters' Club that ends a few minutes to 4pm. Me being their gangster leader, of course I had to be there for my team. Lol!

We won but it was a very close match this time. This was the third fight between JC and his friend. Luckily, our strategy worked. Even though we were handicapped in a way -- Iggy got in too early, Hermione's browser hanged when she tried to put in her support, M missed the whole fight, our KDTA ally couldn't be there due to an unforeseen circumstances.

Then while laying around with my cat on my bed around 6pm, I heard a commotion from the main road. Some motorcyclist was hit by a car driven by a lady. As I didn't see that happened, I couldn't tell who was at fault.

The guy got up and started to shout at her. Obviously, she was scared, so she refused to get out from her car. He was being rather obnoxious, too. Soon after, a car stopped by the road side and a guy came out to intervene. Then two other motorcyclist drove by and stopped to also get involved. One of them wore a white shirt.

There were some heated discussions, but the lady got back in to her car and drove off. The man driver after a while, left the scene too. All in good nature from what I observe.

However, the motorcyclists, there was about 8 of them now, was still discussing in the middle of the road junction.

I think the guy who got hit was not happy about how the whole deal went (it was discussed between the guy in white shirt and the man driver), and started to shout at the guy in white shirt. A short scuffle ensued (really!); the guy who got hit tried to knock the guy in white shirt on his head with his helmet. They were held back by 2-3 of the other guys.

And then the guy who got hit's friend, who from the looks of it was drunk, tried to hit the guy in the white shirt with his bare hands. But he got knocked by the white shirt's guy helmet instead. While all this happen, a car drove by and an older man came out trying to stop the whole debacle.

I think he wasn't impressed with their behaviour and started to shout at them as well, like a father scolding his sons, you understand. I also think he asked all of them to be on their way. So, one by one of them left the scene.

So the drama.

I'm just speculating of course. I watched the whole thing by my bedroom window 7 floors high. Very kepochi (busybody) of me but I thought in case anything untoward happened, at least they got an eye witness, no?

That's how I spend my public holiday today. Lol!