Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #2

My Weekend Snapshot for the week.

Mira's goes back to school starting today, and thus we were just busy preparing for it over the weekend. You know, the usuals; ironing her school uniforms, making sure her shoes are cleaned, her socks are lined up, her water bottle, school books and bags ready, et al.

After all the hard work, I took her out for a little bit of groceries shopping at Giant CMC. Between a choice of Pizza Hut and A&W, she opted for the latter. It reminded me of the time when I was a wee girl myself and how much I love A&W. They're the equivalent of McDonald's for me at that time. My parents never fails to bring me there at least once a month.

I'll have their Baby Bear burger (that was what their beef burger was called back then) which was served in a basket with french fries on the side and their Rootbeer served in tiny glass mugs. My late mother, on the other hand, will never fail to order her waffles with syrup and butter. My dad will order for one of their deluxe burger with his Rootbeer float.

The good old days, huh?

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Sandy Carlson said...

Oh, bring 'em on! Looks delicious.

Yen said...

Looks yummy!:) Happy WS!

mousey said...

yummy entry!

Welcome to WS!

Rebecca said...

Yum I like A&W fries as well.

Thanks for visiting my site and for your comment. :)

Welcome to WS.

Bengbeng said...

welcome to ws :)

Tere said...

wow I love the fries! happy WS too :)

jennyr said...

perfect combo! my ws is at Hobbies and Such

Carver said...

Looks like a fun break from getting ready for back to school. Nice to have it bring back memories of when you were young too.

Joyismygoal said...

Good memories I love A&W i remember getting it as a girl too on a tray on the car window-- i now opt for the sugar free and it is good too

napaboaniya said...

I know excactly how you feel abt kiddo's first day back at school :P
I miss A&W's root-beer floats!! They kinda ceased their operations in Singapore..I wonder why.

julie said...

I buy the A&W root beer in can since there the stores here in the Philippines are gone too. Or maybe I haven't seen one recently.

maiylah said...

i just love their rootbeer floats! :)
thanks for the visit!

Happy WS!
My WS post

**"Liza"** said...

Ohh Yummy!I'll pass though just I have too much soda Welcome to WS!!

mharia said...

hubby and I used to love eating at A&W ... but they're closed now. :(
that shot is making me want their rootbeer float RIGHT NOW! ;D

thanks for dropping by!
welcome to WS!

Chris said...

nothing like a quick meal to make one feel better :)

Chikai said...

wow.. it looks yummy! i love fries and dip it on a sundae or ice cream, yum! ;)

btw, thanks for dropping my blog.

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