Or more ass? Or just an ass??

I don't know where to start. Perhaps from the beginning...

This morning I got to know that the candidate Mr Gadget favoured most to become my assistant, has accepted another better paying job. When I relayed to him the not-so-good news, he sighed and said I should pick up my pace chasing these people before they're gone.

Hello? They met each other last Thursday. I was told about it and our next course of action (she was a little bit expensive) Friday afternoon. It doesn't matter if I call her yesterday or today or even tomorrow. She received and accepted the other offer on Friday itself. So, what do I got to do with it?


Then a client agent called want me to fax them a copy of an invoice. It's urgent, she said. Yeah, yeah. I was in the midst of calling more candidates to be interviewed, asking debtors for payment AND updating minutes of today's staff meeting. I seriously do not have a minute to spare, thank you very much.

But then, an hour later she called again. I told her I'm working on it and I'll fax it through when I get the chance. She wasn't happy about it, but said ok.

In the meantime, The Fox dumped a stack of documents on my table. I've to prepare a certificate for it. I put it aside, and jot down the task on my To-Do list. Then at half past eleven, I left to do banking errand downtown.

When I got back at lunch, the client agent called AGAIN, asking me for the fax. She asked why does it take so long for me to do it; her Singapore office was waiting for it since morning and it won't look good on me for being so slow. Like *I* care. What happened to the original copy that was sent to YOU four months before? Puh-leeseee.

I just snapped, albeit politely :p

I told her unlike her who has 3 - 4 staffs working with her, I work alone. Please back off and let me do my job. I'll fax it to her once I've completed my current task.


Then later, while trying to finish up the minutes, the fooking Fox asked about his certificate. I told him I haven't started on it yet (I actually planned to do it tomorrow, really). He went, 'Oh no! The contractors have been hounding me since Friday. I need to get it out today'.


They gave it to you last week. YOU gave the bloody thing to me today and expect me to finish it by today as well? What? I've nothing else to do meh? Go to Bagan Lalang and fly a Barbie kite, why don't you! (Note to Nong: Mak pinjam senario kejap ye!)

I take a deep deep breath and put aside my minutes (which I had to send out by end of the day, a goal set out by Mr Gadget no less), and started to work on the certs. Which I hate because it involves numbers. And when I asked him two... let me repeat, TWO! things I need clarification on, he got the gall to get short with me.

In between that, Mr Gadget called to ask for updates on our Bali Trip. How far along have I gotten to. TTTHCTFWL!

I'm supposed to find out flight fares (eh, come to think of it, I've done that in between calling interview candidates and debtors), group travel insurance fee and confirmation on certain points that we discussed on with the villa reservation staffs. The villa part is some-what done; I've shoot them an email and now waiting for their feedback.

Speaking of which, the bosses have decided to extend an invite to not only partner / spouse as initially planned, but to children as well. So my husband and Mira can come along. Yeahooo! We had to fork out the flight tickets ourselves to cover DH and Mira though but we get the villa all to ourself! Which is fantastic, because the villa is superb. And at least the two of them can enjoy it and spend time swimming in the private pool while I'm away doing work-stuff, y'know.

We're now so looking forward to that. Maybe we'll take the opportunity to visit the Immigration this Friday. Mira and DH needs to get their passport done and I need to renew mine.

Any how, that's my day. Now that I've get it out of my system I feel much better =)



penat betul baca your post this time. hire me la as your assisstant... heheheh