PhotoHunt: Delicious

Another photography meme. I sure am putting that extra memory on my camera to good use. LOL!

On New Year's Eve a few of us went out to have a little celebratory lunch with Mr DJ. We ordered three cakes for dessert, and this Mixed Fruit Meringue was my choice. It appeared to be the best amongst the others.

That's Chun eyeing for my cake deliciously! Lol!

He's so gonna kill me for this exposé.



Anonymous said…
Wow, that most certainly does look delicious! I could eat it right now and it's breakfast time here!

Welcome to the Photo Hunt:)
Lynn said…
I was smiling with how the guy looked at the cake. He seemed to want it badly but being discreet somehow. :D
denz said…
wooohhhooo!!! thats really delicious mmmmmm... indeed you have a very nice picture, keep it up!!!

check mine:
Happy Weekend!
Anonymous said…
huhu babe, the cake looks good! order kat mana? yummays!!

**"Liza"** said…
lol that guy at the background seem to be wanting the cake so;)
dont blame him that looks pretty delicious..;)
Mine is up too
2cents said…
it look so yummy...thanks for sharing. Mine is up at 4SeasonsOfmylife and
2Cents Worth . Hope you can visit me too. Happy Hunting.