Movie Nights: The Two Movies

Yeay, it's Wednesday. If you must know, I draft this at home and post it from work. I still have no luck with home access. It's a bit annoying, actually.

Su and I are looking forward to watch The Dark Knight this Friday. Last week we saw Hellboy 2 and two weeks before that, Hancock. I enjoyed Hellboy 2 more compared to Hancock though.


We saw Hancock on the 4th of July. The movie's funny and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but after awhile it reminded me of 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'. Especially the part when the two superheros fight. The action and the way it was filmed; exactly the same y'all.

It's also irritating to have the censorship board cut out 'asshole' every. single. time! Like really, must they do that? It's not like we've never heard of it before, yeah. I think it's mild enough. By cutting it out, and if you've no clue what really was the issue about it, you'll missed the point as to why Hancock got so pissed off.

Ok, the story was about John Hancock, an alcoholic man with superhuman powers. He uses his powers to help stop criminals but his activity inadvertently causes property damage due to his constant intoxication. As a result, he got no love from the citizens. Boohoo.

One day, Hancock saved a PR person named Ray Embrey from an incoming train. As thanks, Ray offered to help improve Hancock's public image, and Hancock, after much thought, accepts. Ray convinces Hancock to surrender himself for the outstanding subpoenas he received so they can show the city how much they really needs Hancock. When the crime rate rises after Hancock's incarceration, the Chief of Police contacted him for help (mrasa lah!)

And so on, and so forth. There's a bittersweet love story intertwined in it. Sacrificial love and all that. Although, I couldn't understand the whole concept (of love).

I'd give this movie a 6 out of 10.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

I haven't seen the first movie, I must admit. I didn't know what to expect from this one. But I enjoyed Hellboy 2 immensely.

A Goblin built an unstoppable Golden Army for the King of Elves which could only be controlled by those of royal blood provided no one challenged their right to do so. The Golden Army was so tough, brutal and kills so mercilessly even the King felt remorse for the dead humans. He then forged a truce with humans to stop more bloodshed to happen.

Prince Nuada, the King's son, didn't agree with the truce, and left in exile. The crown was broken into three pieces so the Golden Army could never be raised again -- one was with the humans, one with his daughter Princess Nuala and the King kept the last piece.

Of course, after a while the exiled Prince will come back, right. And wanted to start a fight with the humans. If everything went all peachy, he wouldn't be written as such in the first place. Lol.

And the guy who played Prince Nuada? It's Luke Goss, y'all. From Bros. OMG! Bros!! Those times my cousin and I went gaga over them. Lol.

It didn't occurred to me who he was at first, I was more interested to find out who acted as Princess Nuala, it's Anna Walton btw, because she looked familiar (like Ally McBeal of the first few seasons -- when she still has some amount of fat on her body :p).

I checked IMDb first, then followed the other trails. Not until I read the Wiki for this movie I found out he was one of the twins. I also found Matt Goss. It's good to know they're still around doing their stuff.

So anyway, watch it to know the whole story but all I can say I'd give this movie an 8 out of 10.



patrick said…
Hellboy is fun; it's refreshing that he's a superhero but he doesn't take himself too seriously... then he fumbles about like an average guy