Movie Nights: Batman In 3D?

I wish :p

Two weeks ago I saw two movies, one of which I saw twice. No prize in guessing correctly which one. I saw The Dark Knight first with Su on Saturday midnight and again with DH & Mira on Sunday midnight. It wasn't planned, hence we couldn't get the ticket for the earlier show at 9PM-ish.

Journey To The Center of The Earth 3D

Su saw this movie before me, but not in 3D. I suppose the movie wasn't something you'd want to watch repeatedly so soon. So I thought I'd go with DH & Mira instead.

It has to be in 3D for me just because, you know. Even though it was shown in the 'normal' cinema. Lol.

And I'm glad we did. The experience was worth the cramped seat and uncomfy 3D glasses sitting on your face.

The movie is an adaptation of the novel written by Jules Verne.

Trevor Anderson discovers in the box Max's (his late brother) old baseball glove, a yo-yo, and the novel. Inside the book Trevor finds notes written by his brother that indicates the centre of the earth exists.

Upon further investigation, he realizes that he must go to Iceland to see it for himself. He intends to send Sean (his nephew, Max's son) back to his mother, but relents at Sean's protest and brings Sean along for the adventure. They start by looking for another volcanologist.

When they get there, they meet a woman named Hannah, who offers to help them. While hiking the mountain a lightning storm forces the three into a cave that collapses. Trevor, Sean, and Hannah investigate farther into the cave until they fall into a deep pit, taking them to the "Center of the Earth". They all continue until they discover a cave dwelling that Max lived in.

They found Max's old journal and later discovered Max's dead body and bury him. Trevor continues to read Max's journal until he realizes from his notes that they must quickly leave, as the temperature is steadily rising. He figured, from the novel, that they must find a geyser that can send them to the surface. They must do this in 48 hours or all of the water to create the geyser will be gone.

And so, more adventure ensues.

The Dark Knight

Most anticipated movie of this year, no? I remembered writing about it here, in this entry. And it didn't disappoint.

You can read the synopsis elsewhere. I'm going to write my experience watching this movie. This may contain spoilers so if you don't want to get spoilt, better skip the whole thing.

Gawd! Don't you just love the Joker? I think he's awesome. Maybe I'm 'sick' to actually think that. Lol.

The bank robbery scene was just brilliant. I'm just blown away by it. Eventhough it's a little gory and brutal. Well, when you rob a mafia bank, what do you expect, eh?

The script was cool -- witty and pretty snarky at all the right places. The movie was fast paced. Although I must say, the second time I watched it with DH, it feels rather draggy. Maybe because I already know what happened. Maybe because DH was being annoying by fussing over Mira (leave the kid alone, FFS!). But it really dragged the second time around.

Now, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes? Sorry, I couldn't buy it. She's too... mature (?) to play Rachel. I prefer Katie Holmes. She plays it just right in a 'I'm pure and serious but flimsy' kinda way.

I think we'll be seeing Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent come back in future movies. I don't think he's dead. Well, Harvey Dent died, but not Two-Face. Villain in Batman series hardly dies, no? ;-)

Christian Bale is my Batman. 'Nuff said.

You should go watch this if its still in the theater. It'll be great. It'll be fantastic. I wouldn't mind watching this again, actually.

I'm giving this movie 9 over 10 with two thumbs up!



YES! The next Batman SHOULD be in 3D I agree 100%. Very nice post - keep up the great work.


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Anonymous said…
I have yet to watch The Dark Night, but so far, Val Kilmer is still my Batman..Foreverrrr..... :)

loved the darknight too! a little draggy so only do it once!

Katie Holmes? Thot Maggie was better, coz I always thot her as intellectual man's sex symbol, and Katie is just too much a bimbo to play a lawyer...or may be she's mrs. cruise, and that's why I don't like? hmmm...

p/s Mira looking like such a cutie pie!